The consumption of various meals through having a baby has been associated with eczema; like for example , celery, lemon or lime, fresh spice up, margarine, as well as veg essential oil. [78] A higher daily allowance connected with antioxidants, zinc, as well as selenium through having a baby could help prevent allergic reaction. This can be associated with a lower possibility pertaining to childhood-onset asthma, wheezing, as well as eczema. [79] More research must be done. Probiotic nutritional supplements consumed through having a baby or perhaps birth could help to stop atopic dermatitis. [80] Right after labor and birth, an early advantages connected with solid meal as well as excessive diversity just before week 17 might enhance a new child's possibility pertaining to allergic reaction. Scientific studies suggest that advantages connected with solid meal as well as prevention connected with highly allergenic meal including peanuts throughout the 1st 12 months doesn't aid in allergy avoidance.