HIV/AIDS is really a worldwide outbreak. [167] By 2012, around thirty-five. 3 zillion individuals possess HIV globally along with the amount of brand new bacterial infections which 12 months becoming regarding two. 3 zillion. [168] This really is lower through 3. 1 zillion brand new bacterial infections within 2001. [168] Of those around sixteen. 8 zillion tend to be ladies as well as 3. four zillion tend to be under 15 years of age. [115] This led to regarding 1. 6 zillion fatalities within 2012, lower from the maximum associated with two. two zillion within 2005. [115][168]
Estimated prevalence in % of HIV among young adults (15–49) per country as of 2011.[166]

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 Sub-Saharan The african continent may be the area the majority of impacted. This year, approximately 68% (22. 9 million) of HIV instances as well as 66% of fatalities (1. two million) happened in this area. [169] Which means that regarding 5% from the grownup populace is actually infected[170] which is thought to be the reason for 10% of fatalities within kids. [171] Right here as opposed to additional areas ladies create almost 60% associated with instances. [169] Southern The african continent has got the biggest populace of individuals along with HIV associated with any kind of nation on the planet from 5. 9 zillion. [169] Endurance offers dropped within the worst-affected nations because of HIV/AIDS; for instance, within 2006 it had been believed it experienced fallen through 65 in order to thirty-five many years within Botswana. [7] Mother-to-child tranny, by 2013, within Botswana as well as Southern The african continent offers reduced in order to under 5% along with enhancement in several additional Africa countries because of enhanced use of antiretroviral treatment. [172]

 Southern & Southern Eastern Asian countries may be the 2nd the majority of impacted; this year this particular area included approximately four zillion instances or even 12% of individuals coping with HIV leading to around two hundred and fifty, 000 fatalities. [170] Around two. four zillion of those instances have been in Indian. [169]

 Within 08 in the usa around 1. two zillion everyone was coping with HIV, leading to regarding seventeen, 500 fatalities. The united states Facilities with regard to Illness Manage as well as Avoidance believed which within 08 20% associated with contaminated People in america had been unacquainted with their own an infection. [173] In the uk by '09 presently there exactly where around eighty six, 500 instances that led to 516 fatalities. [174] Within North america by 08 there have been regarding 65, 000 instances leading to 53 fatalities. [175] Between your very first acknowledgement associated with Helps with 1981 as well as '09 it's resulted in almost thirty zillion fatalities. [176] Frequency is actually cheapest within Center Eastern as well as Northern The african continent from 0. 1% or even much less, Eastern Asian countries from 0. 1% as well as Traditional western as well as Main European countries from 0. 2%. [170] The actual most detrimental impacted Europe last year tend to be Estonia, Ukraine, Spain, Latvia as well as Spain.